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    A.S.G. Multi Trade Company Sławomir Goliszewski exists on Polish market since 1988. At the beginning, Company was producing building materials, because of the owner's field of studies. In 1993 A.S.G. Multi Trade company changed its main market not only into supplying of meat industry but also production of natural casings. In 2004, the Company made a full modernization, while meeting all the EU requirements.

     A.S.G. Multi Trade Company got fast recognition in the global trade - market, thanks to the high quality of its raw material, self acquired directly at the slaughterhouses. It has been also additionally proved, when in 2010 A.S.G. Multi Trade Company took 278 place in " Gazele Biznesu" ranking, that collects all fast - growing small and medium companies in Poland.

    Due to the fact of high interesting of Company's products and also insufficient production opportunieties, the owner decided about the other enlargement of the company. In February 2012, when investment was ended the Company gained 800 m2 of production area and almost 1200 m2 of warehouse.

    Implementation of new tech into production process and know -how of our skilled, young managers allow the Company for instant development.

    A.S.G. Multi Trade Sławomir Goliszewski belongs to Associations of Polish Producers and Distributors of the Natural Casings and Association of Butchers and Suasagemakers from Poland.